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Valentines Gift Guide

Valentines Gift Guide

In the immortal words of St Valentine himself: “Buying sweets for your loved one will only make them love you more”… Okay, this may not be a direct quote or even a quote at all, but the point is, it’s Valentines Day soon, therefore, if you are in a relationship or have a crush you are romantically obligated to show your feelings through gifts.

If you want to demonstrate your love and affection but have no idea where to start, or need a bit of guidance, no fear, we have created a list of our Valentine's gifting ideas. So, without further ado…

If you’re a secret sweetheart and want to do something low-budget but meaningful, why not take a recycled jar, which could be a jam jar or mayo, whatever your preference (make sure it’s clean first) and fill it with date ideas or reasons why you love this person. Aww, cute! To match this wholesome old-school approach, we would recommend pairing your home-made gift with our Strawberry Shakes. These are traditional sweets that will remind your Valentine of simpler times.

Are you a high-class romantic? Do you intend on giving a bouquet of roses while kneeling on a bed of rose petals as jazz music softly plays while you’re wearing an expensive tuxedo? Perfect, our exclusive Treat. Co Premium Cacao Truffles are the ideal pairing to a bouquet. If you are intending to buy roses, go for an arranged bouquet paired with another, smaller flower, like Baby’s Breath, it adds another level of thought and romance to the overall gift.

If your partner is an introvert and the thought of a big night out doesn’t appeal to them, how about a cosy night in with our delicious Toffee Popcorn? Most of the gift is the gesture of taking date night into your own hands and surprising them. So, set up a movie, light some candles and maybe give them a teddy or a blanket or fluffy socks, something soft so you can get cosy and comfortable together.

What if you’re a high-class introverted romantic I hear you ask? Well, we have the perfect solution! We make phenomenal Treat Co Premium Popcorn Truffles (yes, you read that right, Popcorn Truffles!), a delectable duo of chic elegance and home comforts. Set up a classy night in, watch an old movie that needs subtitles and pair it with a bougie alternative to popcorn. Maybe gift your partner a fancy candle, something that could be useful past Valentine’s Day, that isn’t just a novelty.

Whatever gift you give, give it with thought and love. Valentine's Day is an opportunity to remind our loved ones how bloomin' wonderful they are, and to make them feel valued and cherished.
So, show your love with something sweet <3

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