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The Perfect Snacks for Movie Night!

The Perfect Snacks for Movie Night!

It’s cold, it’s wet, and it’s so very, very British.

This miserable weather calls for a movie night and what does every movie night need? Snacks! In our Treat Co range we have delicious, toffee popcorn that goes with all movie choices, but what movie genre best suits which of our sweet treats?

Bright and colourful children’s films could be paired with any one of our confectionery delights, but the perfect item would have to be our Luxury Lollies. Swirly patterns reflect the bizarre and wonderful aesthetics within most animated classics. Also, lollies take a while to eat which will help prevent the kids from speaking through the best scenes.

If you’re in the mood for an indie grungy nostalgic movie, probably set by the sea with a lot of pathetic fallacy, we recommend our Chocolate-Covered Caramel and Sea Salt Fudge Bar. The inevitable opposite attraction that comes in most indie classics is perfectly reflected in the sweet and salty, sea salt & caramel combo.

Imagine a rum glass being gently rotated in the hand of a detective, a pipe in his mouth, and a grammar phone softly playing in the background while he tries to find that final clue that will make everything make sense. The classic Rum and Raisin Fudge suits a more refined palette, a refined palette with a taste for detective films.

Feeling fancy but not in the mood for a murder story? Why not step back in time to the incredible classics of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Gene Kelly? As iconic as a croissant outside a jewellery shop, or spinning around a lamppost in the pouring rain, our Premium Chocolate Truffles are classy and classic.

If after all those recommendations you’re not feeling fiction, why not immerse yourself in our world with a nature documentary?  As you watch the antelopes run, the dolphins swim and the bees buzz the perfect snack has got to be our White Chocolate Coated Honeycomb. Sweet on so many levels.

Now snuggle up, have your snacks at the ready, pop your fluffy socks on and get stuck into some cinema.

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